The InsanityCraft Story

The Age Of The Herobrine

How did InsanityCraft get overpowered by Herobrine? We need YOU to help finish the story and save the world!

Chapter 1: The Herobrine enters

It was a quiet server night in December 2017. The server owner (JHarris) and all the staff were offline. Only 1 player was on. The evil Herobrine had been watching the server for many months and knew this was the perfect time to enter and try and take over the world. The player online was JungleKiller, a donator who had purchased the Sorcerer rank. The Herobrine knew the power of a Sorcerer. They could summon entities, shapeshift, heal themselves and had many more mystical skills. The Herobrine targeted JungleKiller and planned to make him a slave forever. He snuck up behind JungleKiller and waited for the perfect moment to put a spell on him. As the Sorcerer turned around, he caught a glimpse of the Herobrine and before he knew it, he could no longer control his body. The Herobrine exclaimed that the Sorcerer was now working for him and must do everything he could to help corrupt the world. The helpless Sorcerer agreed and was given the new name "Demon Sorcerer".

Chapter 2: The rise of the Demon Sorcerers

The Demon Sorcerer knew that in order to help take over the world, he needed many more helpers. He set out to build structures that created clones of himself all around the map. He named these structures "Demon Platforms". These platforms were built of expensive quartz and netherrack, perfect for attracting players to go to them where the Demon Sorcerer's could team up and kill them.

Chapter 3: The Ice Temples are built

The Herobrine continued to search the map for other things to build up his army. Suddenly he came across a group of skeletons lost and cold in an Ice Plains biome. The Herobrine knew that because skeletons don't have brains, he could not put a spell on them so easily, so he came up with another plan. He flew over to the skeletons and explained that he wants them to join his army so they can take over the world. The skeletons said no and carried on walking. The Herobrine quickly called them back and told them that if they join him, he would reward them with a beautiful temple filled with chests of precious loot. The skeletons decided they liked the idea and accepted his offer. As promised, the Herobrine built an "Ice Temple" and filled it with diamonds, golden apples, weapons and plenty more. He even gave the skeletons a diamond sword and armour each and told them they must guard the temple with all their strength and NEVER to let any players invade the temples. He called his new skeleton minions, "Ice Skeletals".

Chapter 4: The Witch towers

As the Herobrine flew off from his newly built Ice Temples, he came across a very tall tower that was made and inhabited by villagers. The tower had cow and pig spawners for constant food and kept crates of their precious loot on the top floor to keep it away from enemies. The Herobrine knew how easy it was to turn villagers evil. Without wasting any time, he summoned over 50 lightning strikes and hit every single villager living in the tower. Within a second, all the villagers had turned to angry witches and the spawners were made into Evoker and Zombie spawners. If any player walked by, they would be sure to get attacked by a large group of some of the finest magicians in all the land. The only way to defeat the witches and return the tower to normal was to make it to the top and destroy the spawners. The villager tower had now become a "Witch Tower".

To be continued.....